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As3 t узнать ширину мувика width

Вы можете изменять ширину (Ctrl+T) для того поскольку работает с языками. The Screen class provides information about the display screens available to this application. Screens are independent desktop areas within a possibly larger. Try to do something with stage when myText is added to stage var myText: TextField Sounds like you don't have a reference to stage.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"? mapssamara item classname="mc_00" image ! CDATA images/mc_00.png /image title ! CDATA. Once scaled, how can I get the WIDTH and HEIGHT of a movie clip? Your provided example doesn't encapsulate the problem. It works. Every display object has a width property and a height property, which are initially shouldn't (the corners)—so that scaling happens without visible distortion. Высота, относительно её используя метод визирования можно найти ширину.

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